OriginalMy Pitch TechBBQ 2019

OriginalMy was a finalist during the pitch competition at TechBBQ 2019

OriginalMy Pitch TechBBQ 2019

OriginalMy was a finalist during the pitch competition at TechBBQ 2019

Hello everyone, I'm Edison, the CEO of Original My. I recently had the chance to talk about how our platform is making a significant impact not just in Brazil, but around the world, particularly in the field of governance. For those who couldn't attend the presentation or watch the video, I thought I'd share the essence of it right here, and perhaps add some additional insights.

The Challenge: Governance and Document Validation

We all know the pain of bureaucracy—long lines, complicated forms, and the agonizing wait for approval. In Brazil, where we initially launched, these issues aren't just minor inconveniences. They stymie economic development, hinder the delivery of critical services, and more crucially, limit freedom. That's where Original My steps in. We have created an engineering platform that utilizes blockchain technology for digital content validation and e-signatures, primarily focusing on governance-related matters.

Our Unique Solution

With a powerful backbone built on strong cryptography and next-gen decentralized technology, we offer a robust and secure web platform, mobile app, and API suite. But what really makes us unique is how we've used this technology for social good. For example, NGOs have been using our platform to create public petitions, sending them directly to the House of Representatives—a first in Brazil. And it's not just NGOs; even presidential candidates have used our platform to validate their proposals transparently.

Global Recognition

Our work hasn't gone unnoticed. We've been awarded by various organizations, including a global tech challenge sponsored by Google. The UN has listed us as a real option for use cases in social effects for government and public institutions, and we've received recognition from the European Commission as a trusted blockchain application.

Expanding Horizons

While our roots are in Brazil, our ambitions are global. We're making strides in Europe, particularly in countries known for their bureaucracy like Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain. Our platform has been successfully adopted for KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) protocols by companies in the Bahamas. We're not just facilitating governance; we're transforming it.

Looking Ahead

We currently have around 30,000 customers worldwide and a multi-disciplinary team skilled in engineering, marketing, sales, and legal aspects. Our advisors include industry heavyweights like the former CEO of Samsung and the head of legal at Google. We're continually looking to grow, especially in marketing and sales, to make our services accessible to a broader audience.

The Bottom Line

We're more than just a tech company; we're a movement. We're empowering individuals, enhancing governance, and we're just getting started. Thanks to everyone for their continued support and belief in what we're doing. Let's keep breaking down barriers, one digital signature at a time.

Thank you for reading. If you want to know more or get involved, feel free to visit our website or reach out to us directly. Here's to building a better, more efficient world together.

So, that's the essence of what Original My is all about. It's not just about technology; it's about using technology to make a real difference in the world. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and as always, stay tuned for more updates and insights.

Video transcription

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