About the Author

About the Author
Foto de Edilson Osorio Jr.

Edilson Osorio Jr. is a well-known founder, computer scientist, teacher, and information security and infrastructure specialist. Recognized by CoinTelegraph Brazil as the most important and influential personality in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Brazil, Edilson has engraved a significant place in the crypto ecosystem.

Throughout his notable career, he has garnered numerous awards and recognitions, including the Google.org Social Impact Challenge in 2016, Financial Personality of the Year in 2017, and being named the #1 Global Champion in Cybersecurity at the AIM — Annual Investing Meeting in Dubai in 2020, followed by a Bronze Lion in Cannes in 2021, and most recently, was appointed as an e-Residency Envoy by the Estonian government in 2023, among many other awards and honours.

In 2021, Edilson embarked on a new venture, launching the “Morning Crypto” show, a daily broadcast that quickly became a trusted news vehicle in the crypto ecosystem. The show is fast approaching its 500th episode and offers a rich blend of discussions on government regulations, tech innovations, market trends, and interviews with industry experts, all peppered with real-time interactive entertainment. Broadcasted on platforms like Kick.comYouTube, and Nostr, the show has bred a vibrant and engaged community known as BLOCO.

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With a relentless passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Edilson remains a beacon of inspiration and leadership in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.