INATBA Member Interview with Edilson Osorio, CEO and Founder of OriginalMy Blockchain

I recently had the privilege to talk to Edilson Osorio, CEO and Founder of OriginalMy Blockchain, a company that is making strides in e-governance and cybersecurity through blockchain solutions.

INATBA Member Interview with Edilson Osorio, CEO and Founder of OriginalMy Blockchain

INATBA interviews our most respected members and feature what how they are contributing to the blockchain space.


In an increasingly interconnected world, the blockchain technology is moving from buzzwords and speculations to real-world applications. I recently had the privilege to talk to Edilson Osorio, CEO and Founder of OriginalMy Blockchain, a company that is making strides in e-governance and cybersecurity through blockchain solutions. Here's a recap of our conversation.

About OriginalMy Blockchain

OriginalMy is an e-governance suite offering an end-to-end tool that enables digital content signatures, identity verification, and democratic participation. By focusing on transparency and reducing bureaucracy, OriginalMy's platform makes a significant impact in mitigating fraud and improving democratic processes. For example, their tool has already been used to preserve evidence in thousands of cases in Brazilian courts, and it has empowered citizens to create legislation through digital signatures.

The Challenges Ahead

According to Osorio, two primary challenges hinder blockchain adoption. The first is the user experience. Most companies are still technology-focused rather than customer-centric. The second challenge is the regulatory environment. There's an immediate need for governments to catch up and frame regulations that can handle the nuances of blockchain technology.

Collaboration is Key

One of the ways to address these challenges is through collaboration among commercial entities, governments, and academics. Osorio highlights that right now, the players in the blockchain space often work like isolated "islands," which is counterproductive. As blockchain is fundamentally about networks, connecting these dots is essential to move the industry forward.

The Future of Blockchain

When asked where he sees the blockchain industry in 10 years, Osorio believes that blockchain will become as ubiquitous as the internet and cloud computing are today. We won't have separate 'blockchain conferences' anymore; it'll just be a part of how we do things. He also sees a future where there are fewer but more specialized blockchains serving specific needs, rather than one blockchain trying to do it all.

Exciting Developments

In the short term, Osorio is most excited about the developments in decentralized digital identities. By eliminating the need for a central authority, blockchain can offer a more secure and user-controlled identification system. This will not only disrupt the current identification systems but can also serve as a foundational layer for other blockchain applications.

E-Governance: A Game Changer

OriginalMy is betting big on e-governance. By enabling digital IDs, digital signatures, and document notarization, they believe that they can dramatically reduce bureaucracy and costs, thereby increasing efficiency in governance systems. For instance, their partnership with Brazilian notaries allows documents to be pre-authenticated on the blockchain, thus eliminating the need to physically go to a notary office.

INATBA: Bridging the Gap

Finally, Osorio touched on the role of INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications). He sees it as the only entity today capable of effectively connecting private and public sectors. They have been instrumental in promoting discussions, sharing solutions, and connecting regulators, governments, and startups like OriginalMy.


Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize various sectors, but the road ahead is full of challenges. By focusing on improving user experience, working within a conducive regulatory environment, and fostering collaboration, we can move towards a more secure and efficient future. Companies like OriginalMy are showing us the way, and it's conversations like these that make me optimistic about what's to come.

Video transcription

Today we're talking to Edilson Osorio ceo and founder oforiginal my blockchain it alsothank you so much for joining us uh wehave a few questions for youso tell us a little bit about originalAbout OriginalMy Blockchainmy blockchainand the work you do in the blockchainecosystemokay well original my is an e-governancesuite with an end-to-end tool to allowthe building of solutions to digitalcontent signatures and peopleit's a framework a horizontal solutionand on top of that we we are building alot of productsand services like entities andgovernments they can improvethe security and the transparency layerat the same timethey reduce the bureaucracy and saveresourcesto mitigate fraud and in additionuh we we have legally by the bindingtoolswhere our solutions they are promotingaccess to justiceand we are empowering people toparticipate in democratic decisionsi'll give you two examples in brazil wehavetools for preserving evidence webevidenceand it's been used in superior courtsto fight against fake news defamationharassment cyber bullying and we havemore than8 000 evidence preserved alreadypreservedand many many hundreds of cases beingjudgedin courts in brazil and you havedecisions in superior courtssaying the two is able to prove theveracityand the existence of that kind ofcontent on the internetit is much cheaper and faster to collectthe evidencethan the traditional institutions wehave over thereand in the side of empowering people wehave toolsuh where some like and some ngobuilt some platform for collectingsignatures on public petitions and draftbills and in brazil the braziliangovernmentalready approved two bills that startedfrom peoplethey collected the signatureselectronically digitallyand then they approved the new bills sowe have new laws being created in brazilthat's why we are saying we areimproving the democracy on countrieslike thatgreat thank you so what do you thinkBiggest obstacle to widespread mainstream adoptionis the biggest obstacle to widespreadmainstream adoptionof blockchain and dlt technologiesin my view we have two main challengesone of them is user experience in onesiteand the other side is regulatoryenvironment the regulatory environmentif we are talking about governments andbuilding regulations around theblockchainand even on on some solutions likedigital identities or evencryptocurrenciesand in the other side we have the userexperience becausea lot of a lot of companies corporationsthey are building technologywithout thinking in the customer whouse the solution and when you thinkabout solutionsit must be customer centric sothose two challenges the regulatoryenvironment and the user experiencei think they must be itbefore having the mainstream adoptionbecause we need toquiet our our adopters our customers tothe solutionand that that's that's the whyregulatory and user experience you mustbe so good firstgreat thank you what specificallyWhat should the blockchain ecosystem doshould the blockchain ecosystem and bythat i mean commercial entitiesgovernments and academics doto help address and overcome thoseobstacles that you mentionedyeah for sure they must work togetherthey must discussthey must have a platform to talk aboutitthe the problems and about the solutionsand build the solutions aftermapping the problems and what'shappening right now they are workinglikesilos or islandsworking alone on some solutions for justfor anan entity are just for uhnot for the whole industry and i thinkthey must work togetherand having a closer conversation aboutthe problems they are trying to solveand find the solution and build thesolution and present the solutionto the to the problem when i say theyare working on siloswe always say when you talk aboutblockchain we are talking about networksand networks every networkis they are a lot of nodes connectedtogethertransferring information sharinginformation between themand talking about blockchain talkingabout networkswe need to connect all the dots notworking as silos or islandsto find the solution just for one oneagent and uh probablyjust better discussions platforms fordiscussions and morebroader discussions about the problemsgreat thank you that's so true uh so itrilsonWorldwide blockchain industry in 10 yearswhere do you see the worldwideblockchain industry in 10 yearswell i see blockchain in 10 yearsprobably just a few flavorsof blockchains in the market andanother thing i see like in 10 years agowe had 10 years 15 years ago we had likeconferences about internet todaywe haven't that anymore we had 10 yearsago conference about cloud computingtoday we hadn't because cloud computingand internet they are part of our liveswe can'timagine and i start up startingsomething withoutgoing to the cloud we don't haveon-premisea lot of machines and serversbehind your your wallsbecause it's costly for companies tostart somethingi think it's the same on blockchain aswellwe'll have blockchain we have blockchainin many aspects of our liveswithout seeing and if you talk abouttransparency or registering informationortransferring any kind of assetwe will have a blockchain doing thatwork behindand just a few flavors not like today wehave two thousandsthree thousand blocked differentblockchains in the market we don't needthat for surebut we have some blockchains doing veryspecific thingsanother thing i don't believe we willsee in 10 yearsuh one blockchain doing everythingbut he very i will see very specialistsblockchains doing specific workfor some industry or some very specificthinggreat thank you and what elseDigital identitywhat use cases are you most excitedabout coming onlinein the next year two or twoyeah in the next year or two i see thedigital identity the decentralizeddigital identities many governmentsand even institutions they are workingwith traditional digital identitiesbut when you have a traditional justidentity you musthave an external agentto to link assets to your identityand when we talk about blockchainidentities all the assets will be onyour identityand we don't need to talk aboutcryptocurrencies or tokenswe can talk about graduationcertificates wethe your your vehicle your houseand even the position in the company youworkwill be on your identity stored with youand being decentralized we meanyour assets will be started with youwithout acentral point of failure likegovernments and corporations they areleaking information and sensitive dataallthe time because they are central pointsfor hackingthe hackers go to the place where allthe information i startedand when you talk about digital identitywe can distributethose assets and attributes of peopleto the people having even adecentralized network of validationto validate the thing the thing is withyou youryour data your attributes are startedwith youand you can choose for whom you willdeliveryour data so the digital identity willdisruptvery soon a big part of our our marketand i really believe everything we willstart with digital identitygreat thank you what blocked chainBlockchain projectsprojects are you working onthat you think will improve majorsystems andservices i i believe onwhat original is doing we believee-governancecan have the benefits earlier uhusing blockchain with the digital idwith digital signatures withnotarization of documentswe have even in like in brazil we have apartnership with a notary braziliansdon't need to go to a notary toauthenticate documentsanymore because we can pre-authenticatethe documents on blockchainthen the notorious does his part butafter having the document beingauthenticated firstand it's always related as well to cybersecurity and reachabilitythen uh i really believe e-governancecan can help the marketright now it's a thing that traditionalinstitutionswho works and handles a lot of paper andhave a lot ofbureaucracy and because of thebureaucracy the processes they arecostly to those companies and even topeople in the endand improving their governance can helpeverything right now and like originalmiceis ready for for helping that fieldgreat thank you so last question for youGlobal blockchain ecosystemwhat role do you think inapp up plays inthe global blockchain ecosystemin my video inaudible probably is theonly entity todaywhich is capable of connecting otherlayersprivate and public layers because thenative can talkto the regulators to the like to thegovernment like the european commissiongovernments of countries and can talk tothe corporations and companies and evenstartups likelike us then youyou as inactive you are the place wherethe discussionsas i said earlier uh the discussions canreally happenand it's happening right now we arepromoting a lot of eventswith uh governments and corporationsthey are bringing problems and showingsolutions or discussing discussing aboutthe potential solutionsto those problems so i think inattebuyis addressingvery well uh the role ofbeing the connectionbetween private and public layersthank you that's great to hear thank youso muchso for your time byethank you